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The Sutlers Stores Renamed 19th Century Tailoring in October 2010
We have been delighted to welcome back hundreds of our old customers, it has been a pleasure to hear from you all again and we thank you all very much for your continued support.

Due to the economic situation we have had to reduce our operating costs and so we are now working from a small modern unit in Boscombe, Bournemouth and are offering the full range of uniforms that can be seen on this website. We do welcome visitors but in order not to interrupt our work schedule we ask that you make an appointment to come and visit us so that we can devote an appropriate amount of time to your enquiry.

Unfortunately we can no longer provide a telephone number or email address due to the sheer volume of unsolicited cold calls received from marketing companies. If you urgently need to discuss your order in person please use the contact form

Please note; we are unable to help with any matter relating to the old Sutlers Stores or Authentic Sutlers Ltd.

All the images on this site are the property of 19th Century Tailoring and are protected by cppyright. We always take action against copyright theft.

Nancy Beardall January 2013

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